Hours for the common good is
Ours for the common good™[1]
Promote The General Welfare ("PTGW")*
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The Deal Today
How  PTGW works
Can one simple idea
change everything?

We all share:  A COMMON HUMANITY
[Please take a moment to think on this].
Instead of everyone being out for themselves, suppose:
Everyone is out for our common humanity?
Let's promote the general welfare; and,

build the common wealth for our common humanity!
Community services and neighborhood hospitality
are the unfinished business of the founders of

The Constitution of the United States.
Look here for a law common to all religions

Preamble to The Constitution of the United States of America.
    "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this
The Concept
   You're a good person, you want to do community service. You call a friend, relative, or business. You perform 'x' hours labor for your chosen recipient. You don't expect direct compensation. [That's called, work-for-hire. This is already being done.] You recommend a cause of your choice. This cause can be any charity, hospital, hospice, your city, the federal government, any church, school, educational institution or other good cause. A list is part of this web site. Working for the General Welfare inspires all citizens to work together and to give together for the health and happiness of the whole community. 
Micro Results
   You contribute (volunteer) hours of your time, energy, skills, talent, and expertise, individual by individual and/or entity by entity in your community. The recipient of this labor benefits directly and the common wealth also increases by the value of the labor you performed. Recipient volunteers a donation (quid pro quo) in 'coin of the realm' to the cause you choose and thus the GDP increases by that same labor. In turn, the wealth of the nation (the common wealth) increases respectively. This is the essence of PTGW.
Together all the hours aggregate to a very large contribution to the
    Suppose next week 100 million people of the approximately 312,000,000 people in the United States decide to do something for someone else.  As the total labor hours are added to the common wealth and the GDP of the nation it will be something astounding to realize. We are at beginning stages of this project. It is inevitable this will spread around the globe. We believe it will.  Do you?
Promoting the Wealth of the Nation
An economist wrote the following:
The Theory:
          US Census estimates 312 million Americans as of 2010; with 245 million people being over the age of 18. Of those, approximately 100 million people are able, at their own convenience, to give One-man hour of labor to someone else (individual or organization) in a given time period, whether a week, a month, or a year. Over the course of that period, 100 million man-hours of labor are added, increasing the national labor product. As such, if each recipient of such work then sends (or donates) $10 to a fund that benefits the nation, i.e. cancer research, social security, the general fund of the US, etc., the end result would be ONE BILLION DOLLARS towards the charity or benefit program, thereby increasing the GDP (gross domestic product) and NET WORTH of the nation. 
The Philosophy:
        When aggregating across all able persons, all it takes is one person giving one hour of labor for one other person/organization to do wonders for the welfare of the nation.    By: Russell Hellin, BSS 

This Idea Needs Implementation (How to spread the meme)
Many people have told me the numerous ways there already are of volunteering in the U.S. and the world. They asked why PTGW is different and what does it add. Fair enough. The idea adds something which defines a new paradigm.  As such it is the first time the idea is presented. There is no way the essence of the idea can be faulted. As always getting it out there by implementing is the key.  We've all heard 'marketing,' 'marketing,' you have to market any idea to get it out there (spread the meme).  If you have a constituency this idea can work for you. You need only get your head around the concept and then put your imagination to work to implement the idea. Good luck. Check out these applications to quickly get the idea.

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Graphic of how  PTGW works

[1]The labor of the volunteer is provided in "hours" of work.
The hours of work become wealth to the receipient increasing
 their GDP which in aggregate become "ours" for the common welfare.
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