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Many people have been asking me to explain my idea, "Promote The General Welfare,"

I developed this idea and concept in November of 2003 while I read a wonderful book, The Hunt for Life on Mars, by Donald GoldsmithI am now using this idea and proceeding to promote the general welfare one person at a time within my circle of influence.

I dubbed the idea, Promote The General Welfare because the idea has elements of community service, volunteerism, donation and sponsorship at its core.  I relate this to traditional American Ideals and remembered the term which many will recall is in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America.

This idea is not copyright. It is not patented.  There is no trademark. After I tell you the idea, I invite you to proceed as you may with my best wishes for success in your plans to promote the general welfare in your community and circle of influence. 

As for myself, I'm on the implimentation trail.

Of course, please feel free to contact me. Let me know how you're doing:  peterlance@aol.com

You can learn a little about me at:

In his wonderfully exiciting and facinating book, The Hunt for Life on Mars ISBN: 0-525-943366, Donald Goldsmith indicates the cost to send a human mission to Mars would be prohibitive in the minds of the budget folks over at NASA [in the neighborhood of a Billion Dollars (1997 dollars)].

For now, Goldsmith says, NASA is sending robotic missions that cost considerably less [in the neighborhood of one hundred million to three hundred million US dollars]. 

The Hunt for Life on Mars
ISBN: 0-52594-3366 
February 1997 
Publisher: Penguin USA 
267 pages
As of this writing, April 2004, we know these missions have taken place successfully. In a way, great.  In another way, suuppose we, back then, sent a human mission? Makes me wonder.
It was in reading this passage in November 2003 that I said to myself, but, why not? Why can't we easily get the Billion dollars or so needed to send a human mission to Mars? If anything, I hear and see  these numbers bandied about all the time in the news. 

The government wields these numbers. They represent mighty powerful things governments can do.  I remember hearing that one of those wonderfully destructive armaments called a 'modern day aircraft carrier' cost around seven or eight Billion. Hmmm... 

Where does all that money come from?  I know, from us. Yes us, the we in We the People.  We're the ones.  We're doing it ourselves through our own representative government.  I'm not political. I feel, let's let the government keep on doing what its doing and We The People may be able to redirect some of the powerful force we wield [in aggregate] in the money we have and the service we provide.

We're the ones they were talking about when they said in the preamble to our constitution, ". . . secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity."

If I were consulted personally, I know my thoughts, on what to do with all that money, would be quite different than what the government elects to do with it.

Here's an interesting number to think about:
100,000,000 people  x  $25.00/person  =  $2,500,000,000

It would only take one-hundred million persons contributing TWENTY FIVE dollars  for labor of a volunteer to raise a total of 2½  billion dollars. 

That's enough to send TWO missions to Mars. Do the math. It's easy.  Count the zeros.Would you volunteer one hour of your time for the next human mission to Mars? Or perhaps you'd like to purchase some cancer research. 

The ways and means of putting this all together and how it applies to other worthy causes is the essence of this concept and the central goal of my personal mission statement.

Peter Lance, April 2004

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