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Homelessness in the United States

..Art by: Peter Lance Segall.

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No one has to look far to find homelessness. Homelessness is in every city, every town, sometimes, every street.  It is endemic and systemic and is all over the country, indeed, all over the world. To be homeless usually means you have nothing.  Foremost you have no place to be. Unless you have experienced homelessness you have little idea of the hopelessness and utter lack of resources, the despair and depression, being without food, clothing and basic necessities which includes,  food, clothing, shelter and health care, and yes, without friends.
Needs a job, training, health services.Needs immediate humanitarian services.Needs mental health services, a friend, shelter.
The national estimate of people who were homeless in the United States on a given night in 2010 is 649,917. Roughly 17 percent of that number- or 109,802 individuals - are considered “chronically homeless.” Chronically homeless individuals are homeless repeatedly - four or more times in the past three years - or for long periods of time. They suffer from serious mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders, and physically disabling conditions. Typically uninsured, they frequently use (and may overuse) emergency room services to address complicated health needs exacerbated by living on the streets or in shelters. As a result, hospitals are among the safety net providers most affected when chronically homeless people lack access to primary care. Unnecessary costs and the lost opportunities to promote public health are borne by the entire health care system, particularly Medicaid and other public programs.  (Source: National Alliance to End Homelessness ...

Averages can be misleading. For purposes of discussion, taking the figures above of 650,000 people being homeless on any one day and averaging it over 50 states means 13,000 people are homeless on any one day in every stateWe the people, pay for homelessness in one way or another. Best would be to remove these people from the ranks of homelessness, to help them get jobs, education and whatever is needed to make them self sufficient. PTGW believes that your personal community service can be directed to funding established and accredited social services provided by public and private sectors with the knowledge, experience and will to eliminate the vast majority of homelessness.  What is needed above all else is money for these already established humane societal institutions. The recipients of the labor of the volunteers will be directed to a bona fide charitable organization selected by the volunteer.  They do community service as suggested by PTGW within their circle of influence doing what they are best at as relates to their knowledge, skills, talents, work experience and abilities. This builds first the GDP of those receiving this labor and they in turn support the general welfare by donating to the cause of the volunteer's choice. In aggregate, One Million People Nationwide (20,000/state** doing two hours per week (or perhaps, 8 1/3 hrs per month... One day on the weekend) meaning 100 hours annually; and, generating Ten Dollars per hour would raise:

1,000,000 (people) * 100(hrs) * $10 or One Billion Dollars annually.

This astounding amount would significantly reduce homelessness in the United States. It would reduce the burden on county and state budgets related to homelessness and health programs (thus reducing taxes). EVERYBODY WINS. Who knows, other countries might think this is a good idea too. This idea is fitting and in accordance with the intentions of the founding fathers of our country and delineated in the Preamble to the Constitution and the Constitution itself.

** For sure 20,000 people could be recruited from established churches, synagogues, mosques, benevolent associations, veterans organizations... and many others in your state. You get the idea. This can be done. Help spread the meme ... get the idea out there.  On the basis of the average number of counties per state, which is 62.8, according to a Wikipedia article, and considering the 20,000 recruits just mentioned, it comes down to 318 people per county. Now you tell me (think about it), are there that many people (how about one high school per county?) or, one religious congregation of love thy neighbor fame per county, or perhaps, a few Volunteer Fire Companies  per county; and, remember, the volunteering these groups will be doing applying the PTGW idea is nothing more than building relationships, improving lives of others, performing community service, bettering our nation, and feeling good about ourselves.

How to apply PTGW

Needs drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.
Needs a job, job training and food for her dog.
Needs work, perhaps training, and to get his respect back.
Needs mental health services.

*The Concept of PTGW
This is how PTGW works at the individual level.
Many people would like to support a cause but may not have money to donate.  There is an  indirect yet extremely effective method I call: Promote The General Welfare ("PTGW"). I propose people volunteer service for others in their circle-of-influence.  Those people compensate for benefit received by donating to a cause named by the volunteer. This can be summed up: "I do for you.  You donate to a cause."

When individually aggregated or applied to groups such as, political parties, scientific  associations, student unions, humanitarian causes, etc., it is a significant wealth building method which simultaneously includes community service (a win), increases an  individual's GDP (a win),  increases the GDP of the nation (a win), and provides funding for great societal causes (a win).  It starts with one person helping another (i.e. community service).  As this idea spreads the corpus of donors expands considerably.

Volunteering is good for everyone,
Community rallies around teens mowing yards for free - leads to $60,000 GoFundMe Campaign:

Also, See statistics for Volunteering in  America provided by
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