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This Page Describes How the Idea Works
This Transaction defines a new paradigm of service. It consists of four elements.
This is ‘Other’ centered and An Open Circuit With Feedback Elements.

Graphic at left displays the essence of the idea of PTGW

In #1, an individual (the giver) volunteers' time/labor/expertise to another (could be an individual or organization).

In #2, an individual or organization receives the time/labor which increases their GDP*. There is a big difference here from traditional forms of volunteering. The recipient knows the labor of the volunteer is proffered on the basis there will be a quid pro quo by the recipient to a cause named by the volunteer. The amount provided by recipient to the cause named by the volunteer/ giver is not based on any dollar equivalent for labor but is at the largess and benevolence of the recipient in the spirit of volunteering and donating with intention of promoting the general welfare of the nation.

This demonstrates a new dynamic, a new paradigm not used before. It is the essence of PTGW.

The Idea of Promote The General Welfare
This is how PTGW works at the individual level.
Anyone can do this. 
No one need join an existing group or association to promote the general welfare. You can get started right away. Improve the life of others (and increase the GDP while doing so) through your efforts, labor, skills, and talents. Follow in the tradition of volunteering since the inception of the U.S. Say something like, "By the way, as much as I love doing this, as a quid pro quo, would you send something to: (...here name your favorite cause such as: Breast Cancer, Red Cross, United Way, your local High School, your political party, Social Security fund, pay down the National debt, lol, etc.) *" This is the whole idea of and how we (the people) can promote the general welfare. You can do this on your own. Suggest to your family/friends/circle of influence the idea of PTGW.  Discuss doing community service FOR THEM. They know you, your skills, your talents. Tell them you like volunteering in service to the community (after all, they are part of the community). You are volunteering community service TO THEM. Would they please donate 'x' dollars (at their volition) to a cause you name! You do not ask for pay. You are a volunteer in service to the community. You need not contact us to do this.

For help as an individual or group and other benefits and assistance, email me.
Ask for information or call back.

* If the logistics of implementing and routing the funding provided by the recipient of your largess (and its preservation) is of concern to you an e-commerce web page of your own with credit/debit card payment services (and full accounting) routing payments directly to the causes' accounts all under your care, custody, and control can be established.  

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