Promoting The General Welfare (PTGW)*
* I Do For You. You Donate To A Cause.TM
Get Behind Your Senate/Congress Representatives
in a new and very effective way
Who is the Senator/Congress person from your district? Here's a new way to get behind him/her. Volunteer your time, your personal skills, talents, abilities, work experience not directly, but through a new approach called PTGW.*

You select a friend, neighbor, relative, individual or group within your personal circle-of-influence then, you provide your personal attributes in the form of labor for them.  The recipient benefits directly from your labor, skills, talents, etc. and as quid pro quo they send a contribution to the campaign of the Senator/ Congressperson you designate.  Bring your laptop with you. Immediately upon finishing your labor session open up your personal PTGW e-commerce page and complete the credit/debit card payment. That's it! new, different, effective. A win-win approach. Feel good about helping your friend, relative, etc. by choosing them for your community service. Feel good about participating in the democratic process. Build campaign funds by your efforts for your choice for Senate/Congress.

To find your Senator, go here.
List House of Representatives 2011, go here.

Here are examples:
Senator Bill Nelson
Congressman Alan Grayson

By: Peter Lance Segall
Promote The General Welfare

Volunteers For America
I Do For You. You Donate To A Cause.TM
This is how PTGW works.
This is how I contribute. It always works. People enthusiastically participate. They benefit from what I do for them and feel connected, engaged. I benefit contributing to the community and the community benefits while at the same time good causes and the nation benefit.

In this initiative we all are networked in service to each other. This dynamic benefits you, the recipient, the community, good causes, and the nation. What is shared is service to others. This means each of us share and share alike all skills, talents, abilities and work experience we collectively represent. Your labor value increases the GDP of the recipient. When aggregated across total recipients, the GDP of the nation is similarly increased. At the same time benefits accrue to the causes named in the form of money donated. There is concomitant redistribution of money as employees are paid for services within the companies/organizations of the named causes.

I suggest:
You do a real life test of this idea. Volunteer in the method described here. Realize its potency and implications. Test its efficacy. Review the results. See that it holds true. Begin the odyssey.

This is a meme worth spreading.

Peter Lance Segall

Also, See statistics for Volunteering in  America provided by
the National Corporation And Community Service at:


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