Promote The General Welfare ("PTGW")*
*I Do For You. You Donate To A Cause.TM

Can One Simple Idea Change Everything?

If you've reviewed this site, and think this idea won't work, please comment at email and let me know. It would help quite a lot; perhaps showing us what to avoid. You have our appreciation.

If you've reviewed this site and think this idea can work, please comment with your thoughts and most importantly, let me know how you think this can be implemented. This is my weak suit (implementation). I've given this idea much thought and confided in many friends and relatives. As far as the core of the idea (I Do For You. You Donate To A Cause.TM) they can't find a flaw in it. But, how do we  implement it in the real world is the big question? I'd like to hear from you. And more than anything, I'd really appreciate it. I feel this idea must get out there.

Peter Lance Segall     email

*I Do For You. You Donate To A Cause.TM

Many people would like to support a cause but may not have money to donate.  There is an  indirect yet extremely effective method I call: Promote The General Welfare. I propose people volunteer service for others in their circle-of-influence.  Those people compensate for benefit received by donating to a cause named by the volunteer. This can be summed up: "I do for you.  You donate to a cause."

When individually aggregated or applied to groups such as, political parties, scientific  associations, student unions, humanitarian causes, etc., it is a significant wealth building method which simultaneously includes community service (a win), increases an  individual's GDP (a win), increases the GDP of the nation (a win), and provides funding for great societal causes (a win).  It starts with one person helping another (i.e. community service).  As this idea spreads the corpus of donors expands considerably.

With respect,

Peter Lance Segall