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I propose substantial funding for space ecploration can be achieved by the use of the PTGW concept. Specifically, PTGW can be used to fund a manned mission to mars.

How many people are interested in space?  How many people would love to participate in the adventure of space even if in a small way? And, would they? I believe there are millions who would. To understand how this conclusion could be reached one only need refer to recent events and the public inerest.  Another good example is the present participation of more than two million worldwide in the deployment of their personal computers (while they are not being used by themselves) for combined parallel virtual computing power to further the computational requirements of scientific and social projects.  See:

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On another page of this web site: about me I ask the following question: 
"Would you volunteer one hour of your time to help fund the next human mission to mars?"

What would you do if you did volunteer? Answer: According to the PTGW concept, you would volunteer your time in presenting your skills, abilities, talents, work experience to someone in your circle of influence and they would as quid quo pro donate to a cause of your choice (a manned mission to mars!).  Could we really do this?  Personally my answer is yes. I do this all the time. People in my circle of influence know me, know my skills, abilities, talents and work experience and many, many times when I am available they call on me to provide same to a need they may have. We love getting together. Work is accomplished in their interest. Willing contributions are made to a cause I name. Elsewhere on this site I've called this win-win-win-win.

And just what could this one hour do? Let's take a specific population: those presently in Universities or Post Graduate studies. According to the U.S. census for 2010, this amounts to over 20 million individuals.  Let's do the math. First lets take a nominal value for the labor. Say $10. Then, lets propose one hour per month (roughly 10 hours annually, or perhaps one Saturday's labor) This gives the following:

20,000,000 x 10 hrs x $10 = $2,00,000,000 ($2 Billion)

Is this enough?  Could today's' U.S. college students finance a mission to mars?

In his wonderfully exciting and fascinating book, The Hunt for Life on Mars ISBN: 0-525-943366, Donald Goldsmith indicates the cost to send a human mission to Mars would be prohibitive in the minds of the budget folks over at NASA [in the neighborhood of a Billion Dollars (1997 dollars)].

According to the inflation calculator, a Billion Dollars of 1997 money is equivalent to  the same buying power as $1.38 Billion in 2011.  Annual inflation over this period was 2.34%. Use the calculator yourself here. So, using these estimates, it seems that $2 Billion would do it.  Then again, if the college students pass on the idea... perhaps the more than 50 Million seniors would go for the idea.  I'd be happy to do some labor for my kids or grand kids and let them finance a manned mission to mars. Is this pollyannaish?  
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Art by: Peter Lance Segall

*The Concept of PTGW
This is how PTGW works at the individual level.
Many people would like to support a cause but may not have money to donate.  There is an  indirect yet extremely effective method I call: Promote The General Welfare ("PTGW"). I propose people volunteer service for others in their circle-of-influence.  Those people compensate for benefit received by donating to a cause named by the volunteer. This can be summed up: "I do for you.  You donate to a cause."

When individually aggregated or applied to groups such as, political parties, scientific  associations, student unions, humanitarian causes, etc., it is a significant wealth building method which simultaneously includes community service (a win), increases an  individual's GDP (a win),  increases the GDP of the nation (a win), and provides funding for great societal causes (a win).  It starts with one person helping another (i.e. community service).  As this idea spreads the corpus of donors expands considerably.

Reports below relate to current volunteering and community service in America.
See comments by ABC TV on new policy in High School Community Service
in Nevada High School:

Also, See statistics for Volunteering in  America provided by
the National Corporation And Community Service at:


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