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The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a government run military veteran benefit system with Cabinet-level status. It is the United States governments second largest department, after the United States Department of Defense. With a total 2009 budget of about $87.6 billion, VA employs nearly 280,000 people at hundreds of Veterans Affairs medical facilities, clinics, and benefits offices and is responsible for administering programs of veterans’ benefits for veterans, their families, and survivors. The benefits provided include disability compensation, pension, education, home loans, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits and burial benefits. It is administered by the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Note From Author:  Is it time for a radical change? Reading this far says you get the concept of PTGW*. Here I propose to provide radical additional thoughts. Please suspend disbelief at least until what I have in mind is completely presented. The PTGW concept is sound. Whether any of the applications here can be implemented is up to others engaged in the life situations described, whether it be director of a homeless shelter, administrator of one of myriad worthy causes, scientists engaged in humanitarian efforts and scientific endeavors, or individuals who want to do community service to make available the benefits of applying PTGW* in their own life, etc.  With application of PTGW* what can be accomplished by Veterans for Veterans can be nothing short of miraculous.

I say these thoughts may be considered radical because throughout history new ideas are frequently dismissed when first encounted and rejected out of hand because what I propose could be called outlandish or extremely strange or unusual.

Everything that follows should be taken starting with your acceptance of of the validity of PTGW* and giving consideration to the logic that follows.

There are 21.8 Million veterans in the United States today according to American Veterans By the Numbers.  Source: . I will use the figure rounded at 20 Million.

I also use the figure $1,000  per year[1] as the amount provided by the people in the
veteran's circle-of-influence who benefit from their volunteer labor.  Doing the numbers:
$1,000 x 20 Million = $20 Billion (annually)
Mathematically speaking,  considering each veteran enlists the aid of three others who volunteer in support of veteran issues, then there are an  additional 60 million supporters so the total including veterans and 3 supporters each:
$1,000 x 80 Million = $80 Billion (annually)
This number is extraordinary and nearly matches the entire annual budget of the present Department of Veteran Affairs. If only a percentage of this is achieved at inception it is still extraordinary.

Is this enough for veterans to run self financed and self administered programs? 

[1]  annual volunteer labor is projected as provided on average 100 hours/year evaluated at $10/hr.  (e.i. 2 hrs/week or 8.5 hours one weekend per month.)

*The Concept of PTGW
This is how PTGW works at the individual level.
Many people would like to support a cause but may not have money to donate.  There is an  indirect yet extremely effective method I call: Promote The General Welfare ("PTGW"). I propose people volunteer service for others in their circle-of-influence.  Those people compensate for benefit received by donating to a cause named by the volunteer. This can be summed up: "I do for you.  You donate to a cause."

When individually aggregated or applied to groups such as, political parties, scientific  associations, student unions, humanitarian causes, etc., it is a significant wealth building method which simultaneously includes community service (a win), increases an  individual's GDP (a win),  increases the GDP of the nation (a win), and provides funding for great societal causes (a win).  It starts with one person helping another (i.e. community service).  As this idea spreads the corpus of donors expands considerably.

Reports below relate to current volunteering and community service in America.
See comments by ABC TV on new policy in High School Community Service
in Nevada High School:

Also, See statistics for Volunteering in  America provided by
the National Corporation And Community Service at:


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